PHILOSOPHY // "The Architect As Master Builder"
Thirty years ago, hiring an architect meant hiring a master builder who shouldered the responsibility for every project detail – from design to construction and from concept to quality completion.
The marketplace has changed, but Roslyn Consultants brings new meaning to the classic approach. Standing against the trend to hire a myriad of consultants free of overall project liability, Roslyn believes that for true vision, quality, and service, viewing the total picture is the most effective solution.
Roslyn Consultants provides a level of care and experience not found in today’s marketplace. Accepting responsibility in areas not usually filled by architects, relying on professional experience as owner’s reps and builder and utilizing a broad architectural and design background, Roslyn Consultants delivers its clients’ visionary design, executed to budget and schedule.
Dedicated to ensuring client satisfaction and returning the architect to a rightful position of responsibility, Roslyn Consultants is committed to the values of the past, utilizing modern technologies to take your project into the future.
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